Mellisa Reeves, Guilt Free Mama
Mellisa Reeves, Guilt Free Mama

Find courage, strength and support to walk the many beautiful and difficult paths of motherhood.

This community is about making informed choices for your family that you can feel good about.  It’s also about finding peace with where you are, because the journey is different for all of us.  We aren’t all stay at home moms with a 6th sense in the kitchen and a 3rd hip for bouncing babies.  Guilt Free Mama seeks to discover and share the best possible options for holistic health, parenting and wellness, while providing support and ideas for the ways we all “do the best we can”, regardless of family structure or demands.

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Rowan's Birth Story

The story changed suddenly in me – this was always how Rowan was supposed to come into the world.  He was always going to redeem birth for me.  He was always going to erase my fear that my body didn’t know how to do what it was made to do.  He was just going to do it way differently than we knew. 

9 Unusual Gratitudes from 2013

It’s easy to rattle off the usual things we’re thankful for, and I’m not suggesting we don’t mean them. I know we do.  But what about the hard, the ugly things in our lives we are grateful for (or want to be)? What about the unusual things, the ones that people might not understand or relate to? Or the things that some may even criticize?

So why do I think that I'm not?

Today is 3 months since our sweet boy died.  It feels like it's been 3 years…. partly because the days really crawl by and time is magnified…. but also because I can't believe we're doing so well.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

 I actually didn't know about this day until this morning, when our dear next door neighbor, who also experienced stillbirth at full term, posted about it on Facebook.  But alas, it turns out we have our own "holiday", as she put it – a dismal, dreary kind of day that usually includes candlelit walks and I imagine, a fair amount of wine.

Homemade Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is naturally sweet, has a great consistency, can be used in baking, and on cereal/etc.  It is also super nutritious and is usually tolerated really well even by individuals with food sensitivities or digestive issues.

Sharing & Comparing Grief

This is where we are most human – in our reaching for each other, our fumbling to find a way to ease each others pain, and in turn, our own.  

2 months ago, you changed our world.  We always knew you would, we just thought it would be in a different way. 

This kid.  If you know him, you know he is something else.  Like, really something else.   

He’s particular.  And articulate.  He’s particularly articulate about his particularities.  I shall call him…. particulate. 

 "We lost the baby". 

"He didn't make it". 

"Our son didn't survive childbirth".