Guilt Free Mama is Mellisa Reeves.  The oldest of 10 children, she grew up mainly on a farm in Northern Canada with the original Guilt Free Mama (occasionally featured on this site).  Buried deep in the skirts of a late-blooming hippie-era mom, she helped raise her 9 home-schooled siblings, tend the farm, and make all kinds of traditional foods in the kitchen.

Now, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Chase and 4 year old son Aiden.  After years of wandering from the wisdom she was raised with as a young adult eager to embrace the modern world, she found her way back to her natural roots after years of battling chronic health issues and starting her own family.

She has always nurtured the dream of creating a community for moms that focuses on alternative parenting, health and wellness in a way that inspires confidence in our innate intuition as mothers, but is also a place where each individual journey is honored and the variety of ways that we all “make it work” are appreciated and encouraged.

Her families recent journey through stillbirth, grieving the loss of their second son, and finding a way forward as a family has only increased her desire to share her experiences and connect with those suffering in similar ways, as well as provide those on the “outside looking in” a chance to be a part of the journey if they so choose.

Parenting is hard enough in our individualistic society, and Guilt Free Mama strives to be a place of non-judgmental community, empowerment, and education.