9 Unusual Gratitudes from 2013

I was inspired this week by a friend who posted on Facebook that this year, she is grateful for the ability and chance to battle depression without medication. While she was not advocating that this is the right path for everyone (nor am I), she was bravely transparent about the fact that it is the perfect healing journey for her. Her courage and honesty about something that a) might ignite criticism and b) doesn’t fit into the conventional mold of a Thanksgiving gratitude list really got me thinking. Her gratitude was unusual. ┬áIt struck me.

It’s no secret that this has been a hard year for us. We’ve faced our older son’s prolonged and complicated illness, the death of our second son, and a handful of other concomitant difficulties. I’m thankful for some obvious things this year, like a strong, amazing family that has stood by our side, friends like no other, regained health, etc. But if I go deeper, what am I really grateful for? Continue reading 9 Unusual Gratitudes from 2013